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Sumeru Innovation announces Sumeru Innovation X a program focused on entrepreneurship and Innovation

Updated: Apr 4

Sumeru Venture a $1 Bn Technology fund, announces partnership with Indo IPS EduTech Private Limited (IIEduTech) - as the National Exclusive Partner, through it’s subsidiary Sumeru Innovation, to strengthen it’s India Network.

Through this partnership, Sumeru extends the objective of it’s partnership with The Sutardja Centre for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) in the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley to not only be able to empower the entrepreneurs at Sumeru and reach many more people around the world with SCET programs, but also enable entrepreneurs at Berkeley a new way to access capital and enter global markets.

As part of the partnership Sumeru offers the program “Sumeru Innovation X”, designed and developed by SCET at the UC Berkeley and Sumeru, to IIEduTech to market in India and establish a network of delivery centres to conduct the program.

IIEduTech bring with it a collective experience of 100+ man years of experience of founders and 30+ years of experience in the field of education and have the objective to promote technology-based innovation and creation of Intellectual Property in India.

IIEduTech’s mission is to offer an opportunity to the students to move away from the traditional process of curriculum-based learning and adapt to the concept of focussed learning and trigger the thought process to innovate utilizing the tremendous capabilities emerging technologies offer. IIEduTech understands the challenge of an emerging India is getting compounded with transformation in economic and social paradigms, it is thus the need of the hour today to align and synchronize Education, Learning, Skilling, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Sumeru Ventures and Sumeru Innovation are excited to announce this partnership and look forward to a changing entrepreneurship, start-up, IP creation and wealth creation in India.

Click here to View the National Announcement of the ‘Sumeru Innovation X’ program in India

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