Sumeru Innovation

Sumeru Innovation is a premier hub for study and practice of "technology-centric" Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Sumeru's mission is to empower the next-generation Entrepreneurs and Innovators through experience and journey-based learning.


 Born in and inspired by Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture and Hustle. 


We do it Different

Everywhere else, the model has been done backwards.  Students usually take a set of classes and then apply the courses towards an cookie-cutter problem. At Sumeru Innovation, we start with a real life, broad problem or challenge. Every aspect from the support courses, mentor networks, process, and learning activities now revolves around the student’s inspiring problem.   You will be able to create new friends, colleagues, and professional networks while working on a real life innovative challenge.

Global Ecosystem

We are not an education institution, we are an ecosystem. We teach students “how to learn directly from the world, without a guidebook” and  “how to see what they have never seen before.” We empower students to learn innovation, so they can do innovations lifelong.


Sumeru Ventures
Global VC Partner

Sumeru Ventures is a Silicon Valley based venture fund. Through this partnership, Sumeru Ventures will be investing in bold Entrepreneurs and Innovative ideas.


SCET, University of California Berkeley
Global  Partner

UC Berkeley is one of the key elements in sustaining and growing the innovation culture and ecosystem in Silicon Valley.  Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship and Innovation developed at Sutardja Center is the foundation element of all our programs at Sumeru Innovation.


Art of Living Foundation
Alliance for Mindfulness & Skill Development 

Art of living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress management and service initiatives. The organization globally operates in 156 countries and has touched the lives of over 370 million people.


Our Programs

Our program explores key management and leadership concepts relevant to technology-dependent enterprises. Class participants undertake intensive study of actual business situations through rigorous case study analysis. Through our mindfulness program, we focus on individuals mental wellbeing and empower them for enhanced efficiency, productivity levels, and work-life balance.

Sumeru X Berkeley Bridge - Startup Semester

Study at University of California, Berkeley for one full semester. Startup semester emphasizes hands-on venture-building. Using the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, it will help you grow your network, find your new team, and immerse yourself in the dynamic Berkeley and Silicon Valley ecosystem. It focuses on leadership, innovation and execution to prepare you for your role as a founder, business or technical leader in today's dynamic global economy.  

Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The Bootcamp facilitates immersive learning for new venture creation. This workshop offers a one-of-kind experience in one of the premium institutions in Silicon Valley. During the program, participants will attend sessions that weave together lectures and interactive game-based exercises, receive one-on-one mentoring from Sutardja Center faculty and industry experts; and learn in a collaborative environment. 

Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership

This program explores key management and leadership concepts at the executive and leadership levels that are relevant to innovation in public and private organizations. The concepts taught in this intense 5-day course are meant to convey judgement, insight on emerging technologies, and inspire new thought process about innovation.

Visiting Researcher Program

Entrepreneurially focused researches and research teams can go to UC Berkeley to conduct applied research aligned with SCET X-Lab focus areas: Data Science, Sustainable Foods, and Blockchain. The Center also considers applicants with interest in entrepreneurship education. 


Ikhlaq Sidhu

Faculty Advisor

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Chief Scientist, and Faculty Director of UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, & IEOR Emerging Area Professor.  An expert in the area of Innovation Engineering.  Dr. Sidhu developed the very popular Data-X Course at Berkeley. He holds 75 patents for internet communication technologies.  He has developed the Entrepreneurship & Technology area at the #1 public university in the world.

Sumeru Innovation X

Sumeru Innovation X is for technical professionals and innovators, this program explores key management and leadership concepts relevant to technology-dependent enterprises. Class participants undertake intensive study of actual business situations through rigorous case study analysis.  Selected content from this course is based in-part from the in-person executive level Engineering Leadership Professional Program offered by UC Berkeley's College of Engineering through the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.